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Brick Staining Services in Denver, Colorado

Your property is a personal investment that takes time and money, as well as a good eye for style. So it’s no wonder some people choose to do their research when it comes to the best options for painting their home or business. The first impression people will have of your home or business is the exterior, and whatever your personal style is, you will want to make sure it will stand the test of time and weather conditions. If you are looking for a brick staining service in Colorado and how it differs from traditional painting and would like to learn more about it, keep on reading!


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Brick Staining Denver Colorado

Brick Staining vs Painting

So how exactly does brick staining and painting differ from each other? Staining is a fantastic option for brick because it allows the brick to “breathe” by allowing the brick to release moisture. Paint tends to not allow the escape of moisture as well! Staining brick will also keep the natural character of the brick such as the texture, while paint tends to mask the natural look of the brick’s surface by coating it with a thicker coating.

Staining brick penetrates deep into the material of the brick, rather than sit on the surface the way paint does. You will not have to worry about it cracking or peeling because stain soaks in rather than sitting on top. This is what really helps maintain the natural look and texture of brick. Stain covers more area than paint does because it is much thinner and also provides a more even coverage. It does require more product to cover the surface for this reason, however.

What Can You do with Brick Staining?

Brick staining can be used for the exterior and even the interior of your home! Maybe the exterior of your property looks outdated but you like that brick look, then staining would be the best choice for you! The stains can be tinted in almost any color, from dark charcoal to a white and everything in between. Staining your brick exterior or interior surfaces will match masonry repairs you have had done for a seamless look.

Brick staining can be done as a single color for both mortar and bricks, or the mortar and bricks can be stained two different colors. The benefit of two different colors is that your home will look more natural since bricks and mortar are naturally different colors. The extra labor to stain both is extensive due to the very intricate details.

Why should You Hire a Professional for Brick Staining?

If you choose to stain your home or business property, you might consider hiring a professional. The protection and care put into preparing a house for staining can be extremely time-consuming. The good thing about stained brick (similar to painting) is that it can be stained a new color over the existing stain. Because it is a permanent product, you will have to be certain of your choice because it can not be removed.

If you are unsure which route you should choose, and have more questions give a company that specializes in brick staining a call!

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